ATR Exclusive: Mike Donehey reflects on the surreal events that unfolded on Wednesday as he released his fourth podcast

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Former Tenth Avenue North frontman Mike Donehey, on Thursday, released his fourth podcast, “Oh No It’s Bedtime.” The episode, he says, is “about as non-political as you can get.” Check out the Chasing The Beauty​ podcast by visiting

In the course of releasing the announcement of his podcast to social media, Donehey also spoke out about the events that unfolded on Wednesday afternoon as insurrectionists stormed the US Capitol building – an event instigated by the President and other lawmakers.

“I actually thought about postponing this episode and hastily throwing together my thoughts on [Wednesday’s] events at the Capitol but thought better of it. There are plenty of brothers and sisters with much more clear and well-informed voices than mine in this arena, and I would urge you to listen to them,” Donehey says in the post.

“But I feel you. It seems inescapable. If you’re too vocal you get blocked and unfollowed and if you’re not vocal enough, you’re an accomplice,” Donehey continues. “Frankly, I’m so tired of the constant vitriol and grateful Pence said the things he did and moved forward with the proceedings. My heart is broken at so many aspects of yesterday’s events, but mostly, by the unrelenting division, unfolding, on display, that seems to be deepening every day.”

We asked Mike for a further comment on his post in which he was gracious enough to exclusively send to our team.

Obviously as a Christian, I’m heartbroken by the use of Christian symbols to endorse a particular party. We are a people of a kingdom, so our allegiance is not first to a flag a country or a man, but to a king.

Secondly, I was heartbroken at the flagrant disparity between the policing of this riot and the BLM protests from this summer. Even down to the presidents words and actions, the two couldn’t have been more fundamentally biased. Lastly, I was encouraged that Mike Pence did not let himself be bullied but courageously moved on with the proceedings to uphold our democratic system.

​Of course, after all of Trump’s incendiary rhetoric, this event comes with no great surprise. I pray it continues to wake up the American church to see where our true allegiances ought to lie.

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